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Agglomerator (Densifier)
Agglomerator for recycling

New type of Agglo which separate Dust from waste

Run with only 4 Blade

Once Crinded Blade can be used twice

Foundation is not Necessary

100% Guarantee of HD/PP Rifia

70 to 80 kgs/hr - 024 Modle

Maintenance free
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Two Stage Recycling & Pelletizer Line
This production line is composed by two extrudes.

Perfect vented with two stage recycling for slidity of the pellet.

This two stage recycling machine is more suitable for moisture/gas removing in dirty and printed plastic waste material.

Two stage filter system with hydroulic screen changer is optional.

Low power consumption.
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Dust Remover with Cutting System

It's Newly Developed Machine

Separate Dust from Dirty Waste & Cutting Also.

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PE Film Drying System (Squeezing Process)
You can feed PE Film (Grinded Material) in wet condition and get dry 95 to 98% PE Film

Machanical Pressure control

Movable by means of wheels
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Washing cum Dryer

Only one machine can wash & Dry of Plastic waste

It's separate dirty water from plastic waste

Washed material quality is next to virgin

Power, Labour & Space saver Machine

Different models are available

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Grinder / Granulator

Heavy Duty Ginder

Made from mield steel

Suitable for Injection / blow moulding articls, Films, PVC/HDPE pipe, PET bottle, Jerrican

PVC profile, Hips Sheet, Bucket Scrap

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